How to get more drip feed youtube comments?

Sales are good, but when it comes to social media, engagement is paramount. And of all types of commitments, comments are at the top of the scale.

This is just as valid for YouTube as for Facebook or Twitter, even if the latter is not always considered as a social network per se. Engagement can provide valuable social proof, and show new visitors that all of these other users have enjoyed your content enough to comment on it or subscribe to your channel. Comments generate discussion, which means more engagement and more people wanting to interact with your content. The perfect virtuous circle!

There’s no question that capturing enough user attention to generate drip feed youtube comments can be difficult; competition is tough on YouTube. With a good strategy, however, you can do it. In this article, we are going to present five flawless strategies to get more comments on your videos and valid for any type of business.

  1. End your videos with questions

Don’t hesitate to ask users questions. Open questions work well (“What do you think?”), But it is equally beneficial to ask more specific questions. It’s a bit like User Generated Content (UGC), where users know exactly what you want them to create . When it comes to YouTube, giving users specific instructions can increase the number of questions you ask them.

An example would be something like “Do you have questions about how the mortgage approval process affects you? Tell us everything in the comments! ”It’s specific and it may be what you need to drive engagement.

If you have no ideas, in general, asking users what type of videos they want to see in the future, guarantees you get responses from at least your regular subscribers. It’s a common tactic of YouTube stars. Watch in this video how Rosanna Pansino (9.1 million subscribers) uses this strategy to get more YouTube comments and an endless source of content suggestions for future videos.

  1. Post the first comment

We come back here to social proof. It’s like the dance floor of a wedding, where no one necessarily wants to be the first to participate, instead, we all wait for someone else to take the initiative. So go ahead and get on the digital dance floor: post the first comment on your videos if necessary.

It’s a strategy that works for blog posts, and even Facebook posts. It breaks the ice. There are several ways to do this:

Post comments under your channel name. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it can help start a conversation.

Ask someone you know personally to leave a comment. I have directly asked friends to leave comments on posts, articles and videos for this specific purpose, and I will continue to do so if necessary because it really works.

  1. Replicate your best performing content

This does not mean reposting or even reusing it , as you would on Facebook or Twitter.

Instead, use Agorapulse’s analysis to identify the videos that received the most engagement and try to understand why. Do some playlists get more engagement? Videos of a certain length? (In general, videos shorter than 5 minutes have a retention rate of around 60%, and those shorter than 2 minutes have a retention rate of 75% and you will get more comments on the videos that have been watched. until the end).

Once you understand what works for you, create more similar content. Use the same CTAs or create more content on the same subject or of the same length. Continue to use everything that has worked so far.

  1. Organize a competition

We hear a lot about Facebook and Instagram contests , but did you know that you can also organize YouTube contests? If you want to get more subscribers, comments and leads on YouTube at the same time, a contest is not a bad idea to consider.

It will take an extra effort to promote it (and free up additional funds to offer a winning prize), but this can generate buzz and draw attention to your channel, which indirectly highlights the competition. If you encourage participants to comment in the contest, this will directly increase comments. To generate real leads, be sure to use qualified contest software to get prospect information securely. ShortStack matches these criteria, (one of their examples is shown above) and they have amazing templates that will make your competition a breeze.

  1. Stay engaged with Agorapulse

If you really want to get more comments on your YouTube videos, one of the most important things to do is to interact with the comments already posted. Like all other social platforms, it shows your visitors that you appreciate their comments and that you care about what they have to say.

Agorapulse now has incredible functions for programming and moderating drip feed youtube comments, which make this task easier than ever. You can now manage all of your YouTube comments within Agorapulse in addition to all of your other accounts, and quickly respond to them from the dashboard. This can help start a conversation, allowing you to get more comments on your videos instantly. Even if it comes from some loyal subscribers, it still counts!

  1. Keep the Trolls at bay

Fairy tales like to tell stories of trolls who live under bridges, but they are much worse online. Trolls on the internet are painful, but also dangerous: they can indirectly push committed users not to comment on your channel. Someone who wants to ask a thoughtful and intelligent question or leave a thank you note will think twice about seeing eight other comments from trolls, who are just waiting for the opportunity to attack a newcomer.

Want to get rid of trolls at lightning speed? This is where Agorapulse’s new YouTube moderation features come in: you can spot comments and problematic users, immediately delete unwanted comments, and even block trolls if necessary. This will keep your channel more positive and keep trolls away from users who want to interact with you.

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